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Twenty-seven years ago, my mother Sandra Clements and I founded G. Lydia Cosmetics. We set up a shelf in my father's dental practice and sold cosmetics to friends and patients.

Later, we transitioned to a local boutique selling our products. When I went away to college, of course I took G. Lydia Cosmetics with me. I had dorm room make-up shows and had a clientele who loved our lipstick colors. After graduating, we dissolved the company and my degrees lead me in a different direction.

In 2011, known for sporting red lips, I launched Red Hot Lips. That company focused primarily on lipstick, specifically red lipstick. It was my goal to disband the myth that many women of color believe, which is they cannot wear red lipstick.
In 2013, I decided to further expand from just lipstick and launched GCB Cosmetics, LLC.

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